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Aetna Machine Company provides precision CNC machining services to a wide range of customers.  The size of parts we fabricate range from small grade 8 bolts with rolled threads to massive cylinder liners for GE locomotives.  We have designed and fabricated hydraulic powered cheese-cutting machines for a local food processor.  We provide a line of gas and old well service parts to regional exploration and development companies.  We have extensive experience in machining castings having machined collets for a leading national manufacturer of earth moving equipment and truck undercarriage parts for an OEM provider.   We worked for Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in providing parts for the NOVA Laser and have machined prototypes and done concurrent engineering on the National Ignition Facility (NIF) currently under construction

In today's marketplace, Aetna Machine Company recognizes that a quality part is a given and that quick lead-times, flexibility, and adaptability to our customers needs is what sets us apart from the competition.  We continually step up to customers requests to manage projects from start to finish and take over the coordination of tooling, production, assembly, and packaging of product to be ready for end use.  We tailor our quality control system to production quantities as well as prototypes.  That coupled with our experience with a wide range of materials from plastics to stainless steel make Aetna Machine Company your one stop to deal with your sub contracting needs.

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